Rhymney Brewery, has taken up the most famous name in Welsh brewing to emphasise the fact that they are bringing back the old traditional flavours using modern methods and organic natural ingredients. All over Britain our beer has lost its local flavour.  There are sadly few small independent breweries remaining in South Wales. Admittedly the Rhymney name disappeared when the Brewery was taken over by Whitbread, but, Rhymney will linger on in the memory as a reminder of the days of well loved local brews. ‘The Best’ was more than an advertising slogan for Rhymney beer as far as the whole South Wales area was concerned, it was a statement of fact. Today there are few local brewers left to give us their peculiar tang, to remind us of the days when ale didn't taste like beer bags dipped in tepid water. Good beer is something that really matters in Wales.


The Story of Rhymney Brewery


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